Telepen Keyring
  • Telepen Keyring

Telepen Keyring

Never be sans pen again!

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    Telepen Keyring

    Good things come in small packages

    ‘I could’ve sworn I put one in my pocket. Oh, here’s one. Empty! What about this one? Too stumpy. Aargh!’ Why is there never a proper pen around when you really need one? There will be if you slip Telepen on your keyring.

    This smart little stainless ballpoint will never leave your side because it’s keyring-friendly. But that’s not the half of it, because although Telepen is no longer than a key, it extends telescopically to become a full-size pen. Genius! Just think, no more struggling to write down notes and numbers with some stubby bookie’s biro or busted ballpoint. It even comes with three refills.

    Telepen Keyring

    Extends from a 5cm keyring to a 11.5cm long pen!

    Ideal for crossing out items on shopping lists, filling out forms on the fly, scribbling in the bank (those chained-up pens never work), drawing comedy moustaches on collapsed colleagues and much more, Telepen is most definitely worth writing home about. You’ll never look for a pen again. Write on!

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