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Team Shelter
  • Team Shelter

Team Shelter

Soaking subs? Not any more!

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    all the parts for the Team Shelter

    Carry bag with the canopy,
    poles and pegs

    Sitting on the sidelines sucks, especially when it’s raining or roasting hot. So next time you’re playing football, rugby or whatever, why not take cover under the ingenious Team Shelter. Pricey permanent shelters? Pah!

    Ideal for subs, coaches, managers and mums, this amazingly portable lightweight shelter provides protection against the elements for up to 9 people. Simply assemble the poles, pop on the canopy and Sir Alex is your uncle. The whole process takes about three minutes. And packing up is equally peasy. Just bung it inside its accompanying carry bag and you’re away.

    Putting the Team Shelter together

    Easy to put together

    Speaking of canopies, as well as being waterproof this one protects against the sun (hot orange thing, not the WAG/footballer obsessed tabloid) providing an ultraviolet SPF of 50+, so sporty kids and Sunday league dads are sheltered whatever the weather. Buy the accompanying Team Bench and your pro sideline set up will be complete. Now all you need is a screaming manager and some sulky substitutes.

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