Team Bench
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Team Bench

On the bench? Thanks gaffer!

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    Bench folded in

    Just stretch-out and sort your subs out!

    If you’re playing footie in an amateur capacity, ‘sitting on the bench’ invariably involves plonking yourself on the grass or standing around like a muddy lemon. But that’s only because lugging benches to the pitch is hard work, especially when you’ve got a match to win. So why not park your posterior on the ingenious Team Bench.

    Sturdy but supremely portable, this 9 person bench concertinas open in seconds to give your team a comfy place to sit, shout and decimate orange quarters. You’ll wonder how you ever stood the humiliation of being subbed without it.

    Bench folded in

    Team Shelter also available to buy

    Ultra-lightweight the Team Bench folds flat into its accompanying case so you can get your manager/mum/new signing to carry it to away matches. ‘Yeah, we might be losing 7-0 but at least our subs aren’t sitting on floral picnic chairs!’ Use it in conjunction with the Team Shelter and opponents will be quaking in their studs the second they see your pro-standard set up. ‘Ave it!

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