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Teacup Plant Pots
  • Teacup Plant Pots

Teacup Plant Pots

A new twist on pots, me old china!

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    Cream with coloured polka dots

    Shall we read your tea leaves?

    There are countless containers in which to plonk your plants. From wheelbarrows and baskets to pots, tubs and urns. We’ve even seen begonias bursting out of old toilet bowls. But nothing is as charmingly quirky as the Teacup Plant Pot.

    As you can see, this giant cup and saucer combo is big enough to accommodate all manner of greenery. Use it to add a stylish edge to your plants, both indoors and outside (assuming it’s not too wintery out there). If making a massive Monty Don out of yourself doesn’t appeal, you can always use it to pretend you’ve got really small hands or really big housemates. The possibilities are truly… erm, limited.

    Drinking out of the Tea Cup Plant Pot!

    "No it's a... Oh forget it!"

    Available in four eye-catching designs; cream with blue polka dots, purple with white polka dots, cream with multicoloured spots or blue and white stripes, this glazed ceramic colossus is guaranteed to attract admiring glances wherever you choose to put it. There is even a hole in the bottom for drainage. It’s delightfully Alice in Wonderland and beats tiresome terracotta any day of the week.

    It also makes an ideal pressie for green-fingered tea fans. And assuming you’re reading this from the land of bulldogs, bad teeth and bowler hats, that means you. Indeed as a nation of gardeners, tea drinkers and eccentrics, it’s amazing nobody thought of stuffing their spring bulbs in an oversized teacup yonks ago.

    The 3 different designs available

    (From L-R) Cream with Multicoloured Spots, Purple with Polka Dots and Blue with Polka Dots

    Cream with blue dots Teacup Plant Pot

    New: Cream with blue spots

    Decidedly unconventional, the Teacup Plant Pot will completely reignite your love for plants – in fact it’s so cutesy you can even leave it on display empty. Just make sure you hide it from caffeine freaks, because the prospect of filling it with a few gallons of hot stuff is irresistible. Fancy a cup of chrysanthemum?

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