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Teach Me Time
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Teach Me Time

Mr Wolf? Who needs him!

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    The green glow night light

    Green means it's ok to
    WAKE up!

    Forget all that big hand/little hand stuff; if you want to teach your kids how to tell the time, Teach Me Time is the answer. This revolutionary talking alarm clock is so clever it’s been winning awards faster than you can say ‘eleventy past thirty.’

    It might look like a cutesy bedside alarm clock, and it is, but Teach Me Time has several different modes, allowing it to perform various functions as nippers grow and learn. Mr Wolf? Who needs him!

    The green glow night light

    Yellow light means
    night, night!

    First off it’s an adorable colour-changing nightlight. When junior goes to bed it emits a reassuring yellow glow, then when morning comes it turns green to show that it’s okay to wake up and annoy mum and dad. Simply set the desired time on the secret panel and, fingers crossed, snookums will soon learn that ambling into your room in the middle of the night is not in the least bit amusing, even if he/she is clutching teddy and looking unbearably cute.

    Teach them...

    What you can teach your kids...

    Ages 3 - 5

    Ages 5 - 7

    Ages 7+

    interchangeable LCD bezels

    Settings (in a secret location)

    Once your beloved little bunnies understand the basics, Teach Me Time becomes a 5-stage, talking ‘game’ that helps them learn how to tell the time using both analogue and digital displays. It’s great fun and they’ll love pushing the clock’s cutesy left and right
    ‘toe’ buttons...

    The Toes

    1) The hands jump to a new time - digital time hidden
    2) Will display the digital time and say it out loud!

    interchangeable LCD bezels

    Interchangeable LCD bezels

    When they finally get to grips with all that half-past-whatever business, they can use Teach Me Time as a fully functional alarm clock, complete with fun ding-a-ling wake up sound and ten-minute snooze feature. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. It even comes with interchangeable LCD bezels (blue, pink and yellow).

    Mains or battery operated, Teach Me Time is a brilliant pressie for toddlers switching from cot to bed. Indeed, aside from getting Stephen Hawking to write a pop-up version of ‘A Brief History…’ we can think of no better way to teach small ones about the abstract concept of time. Wakey wakey!

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