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  • TeaSub


More tea, skipper?

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    Fill the TeaSub with tea leaves

    What do you buy the tea aficionado with everything? Yep, you guessed it: a yellow submarine that doubles up as a tea infuser. Psychedelically bonkers, the silicone TeaSub will give tea time a wonderfully surreal edge. Blip…blip…blip…

    Simply fill this jolly vessel with your favourite loose tea leaves, batten down the hatches (well, close the door) and prepare to dive as you immerse it into a cup or pot of steaming hot water.


    Time for a dunk

    Before you can yell ‘up periscope’ the tea will begin to infuse the water via little holes in the side of the sub. When your brew reaches the desired strength, simply surface your sub using its little chain.

    Singing misguided Beatles songs is optional, making that eerie sonar blip sound whilst dropping sugar cube depth charges is obligatory. Think of it as a dishwasher safe, submarine-shaped plastic tea bag for loose leaves. More tea, skipper? Aye, aye, capt’n!

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