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Tea Advent Calendar

It’s a veritable who’s brew

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    Close up of the numbers

    Ooohhh... wonder who's teabag 15?!

    Chocolate advent calendars? Baubles to ‘em. We’d rather count down to Christmas with a hearty cup of tea everyday. And that’s why the Tea Advent Calendar is right up our street.

    From the same oddbods behind Royal Tea, this flat calendar features 24 numbered teabags. So you can enjoy a classic brew with a hint of Assam every day until Christmas. But these are no ordinary teabags – each has a mystery character or festive scene printed on the cardboard tag. Hook the arms of the tag over the rim of your cup and it’ll turn your brew into a cheeky hot tub.

    But that’s not where the quirkiness ends. Because the featured characters range from Nativity stalwarts Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus; to the somewhat less obvious Mozart (in Rudolph disguise), mother Theresa, and famed writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    Mother Teresa Elvis snowman

    Mother Teresa

    'The King'


    As if these weren’t obscure enough, you’ll also find caricatures of Elvis in a Santa hat, US President Barack Obama in an elf costume and German Chancellor Angela Merkel – described on the packaging as “Fake Klaus”, “Wichtel” and “Angry”.

    Close up of character in tea

    Ho Ho Hot tea!

    We should probably mention at this point that the Tea Advent Calendar is from Germany. Has something been lost in the translation? Or is this as deliberately baffling as it seems? There’ll be plenty of time to mull it over as you enjoy a hot tea every day in the run up to Christmas.

    With the face of each teabag hidden from view you won’t know who you’re going to get from one day to the next. Will it be Madonna lookalike “Follow Me”? Or perhaps “Mum”, aka HRH Queen Elizabeth II? Like everything at Christmas, the excitement is in the not-knowing. But unlike Christmas, this feeling is likely to stay with you long after December 25th. Prost!
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