Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Tattoo Sleeve Toddler Tee

Start 'em young

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  • Transform your chubby little cherub into a bad-ass biker
  • Made from a comfortable blend of polyester & spandex
  • Features a leather vest with gang motifs & mesh tattoo arm sleeves
  • Photo realistic and high-quality printing
  • Prepare them for a care-free life on the open road
There's a reason why toddlers pull their pants over their heads and pretend to be superheroes; they long to escape the shackles of their frustrating child-like existence – they want to be someone cool. So why not satisfy their infantile cravings and transform your chubby little cherub into a bad-ass biker?

Sadly they can't "get inked" for real until they're 18 years old, but for now you should kit them out in this incredible photo-realistic motorcycle attire. Featuring a leather vest emblazoned with gang motifs, mesh tattoo arm sleeves and a generous portion of chest hair – they'll be taking the playgroup girls out for daredevil spins on their trikes in no time.

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