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Taperol Spritz
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Taperol Spritz

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Taperol Spritz
Every Friday we bring one of our mad ideas "to life".

You can't actually buy the Taperol Spritz (yet!), but shout loud enough on our social channels and we'll seriously consider making it.

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Love it as much as we do?
  • Prepare to get spritz-faced
  • For a perfect, affordable Aperol Spritz every time
  • Just load in as many pre-mixed jelly cubes as you need and hit ‘blend’
  • Includes enough cubes to make 12 litres of Aperol Spritz
  • No elaborate mixology or waiting ages at the bar necessary
  • Wedge of orange sold separately


From bar to bar, there’s no consistency when it comes to the mighty Aperol Spritz - except an extortionate price tag and having to wait around ages to get served. In one place, it’ll be mouth-shrivellingly bitter. In the next, you’ll have forked out £12 for what is essentially just a glass of Irn Bru. You deserve better.

Tap into the good vibes and skip the pricey disappointments this summer with our brand new patent-pending Taperol Spritz. Finally, your favourite cocktail on tap in the comfort of your very own home. And it couldn’t be easier!

Just load this stunning orange beast up with the included jelly cubes and hit ‘blend’ to churn it into enough Aperol Spritzes to appease even the most alcoholic of guests. It’s that simple.

But why does the Spritz mix come in cubes? Turns out the humble jelly is the perfect medium for retaining that trademark fizz and bittersweet citrus tang. And it saves you having to do the mixing yourself. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Whether you’re staying in the garden or kicking it at the park, give your local bartender the day off and make your own damn Aperol Spritzes this summer. You’ve got to bring the ice though, lazy bones.

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