TannenBomb Prank Ornament
  • TannenBomb Prank Ornament

TannenBomb Prank Ornament

Silent night? Not likely!

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    ornament on tree

    Hide amongst the other decorations for festive foolery

    Ah, Christmas. The season of goodwill. A time for giving; for listening to Cliff’s festive simpering; for stuffing your face with turkey; and for driving friends and relatives completely bonkers with the hilarious TannenBomb Prank Ornament. Aargh!

    Yes, pranksters, this devious little bauble might look like an innocent decoration but it’s actually a fiendishly annoying stealth noisemaker. Simply present it to your victim and wish them a crappy Christmas. As soon as they hang it from their Christmas tree it automatically begins to emit various infuriating noises (from grating mosquitos and bleeps to Christmas crickets and giggling elves) at random intervals. Bah, humbug!

    ornament in hand
    With its funky robot motif the TannenBomb is cool enough to fool even the hippest of reveller. Stick this stylish baby on the office Christmas tree and the festive atmos is guaranteed to plummet before you can say ‘Can somebody crank up the Jona Lewie, that beeping noise is driving me crackers!’ Silent night? Not likely!

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