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The legends live on

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    Tamiya RC

    The classic Tamiya artwork!

    Think of the 80s and you probably think of legwarmers, bouffant hair-don'ts and video games. Us? We think of Tamiya RC cars. And that's not because we spent most of the decade fiddling with them (even though we did). It's because one of Tamiya's greatest ever off-road kit car have been reissued.

    Tamiya RC

    Hands on work!

    This high-performance, build-it-yourself classic is just like the one you saw whizzing across muddy lawns, clambering up hills and splashing through puddles in years gone by. Forget toytown cars that only work indoors, Tamiya's mucho macho rechargeable baby can handle any type of terrain.

    Yes, you've still got to put it together but that's half the fun (takes about 4 hours). It's seriously satisfying too. Especially when the vehicle in question is Tamiya's legendary Hornet 2WD off-road buggy. This brutal machine make today's piddly RC cars look pathetic!

    Tamiya RC

    Read instructions carefully!

    Build your car!

    Now ride!

    Tamiya RC

    Detailed instructions

    This beautifully engineered vehicle features a sealed differential gearbox, powerful motor, durable ABS resin bathtub frame, oil-filled dampers and high-performance suspension system. But don't worry about putting it all together because Tamiya's gorgeously detailed instruction sheet is almost as legendary as their cars. You'll learn to love every nut, bolt and droplet of oil.

    Tamiya RC

    Beautifully engineered!

    In fact, this Tamiya kit is like the greatest Airfix you never made. The difference is it does far more than just sit on the shelf looking pretty (although it do that too). You'll be tweaking oil dampers, creating custom paint jobs and tearing across the park every waking moment. Indeed we hate to use the word 'hobby' because owning a Tamiya can become an obsession.

    Whether you're an ex-owner in need of a retro Tamiya fix, an RC fan looking for an exceptional all-terrain vehicle, or a motor-mad modeller who loves fiddling under the bonnet, this fantastic kit car is most definitely for you. Va-va vroom!

    What's in the box...

    Tamiya RC

    The Hornet: All the parts to make up the off-road buggy

    More detail and specification