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    Tamagotchi Familitchi

    The world's favourite
    handheld virtual pet!

    Just as we predicted, the Noughties relaunch of Tamagotchi has been a rip-roaring success. So say konichiwa to Tamagotchi Familitchi, an all new wave of the world's favourite handheld virtual pets.

    For anyone who's spent the past twenty years with their head submerged in porridge, Tamagotchi (Japanese for lovable egg) are pocket-sized electronic gizmos containing an animated pet that 'lives' on a little screen.

    Tamagotchi Familitchi

    Raise three family

    In a nutshell (or should that be eggshell?) owners hatch and then raise their pet by pressing buttons throughout the day. The more your Tamagotchi matures the more games you can play and the more areas of Tamagotchi Town you can visit on the web. You can even travel to foreign destinations, visit your Tamagotchi parents and meet the Tamagotchi King!

    But you already knew that. What you probably don't know is that you can now raise up to three family members on one screen. And depending on how you raise your pixellated pals you can generate seven fun families. Cripes! What a handful!

    Tamagotchi Familitchi
    Tamagotchi Familitchi

    Lots of cool designs!

    Tamagotchi Familitchi

    Infra-red connection

    Just like the last wave of Tamagotchi these smart units allow your pets to interact with other Tamagotchi via a nifty infra-red connection. What's more there are four new mini games, 65 characters and loads of fun animations. We'll even throw in a bonus Tamagotchi mini keychain mascot.
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    As if that wasn't enough you can also access new passwords in Tamagotchi Town and earn Gotchi points to shop for special virtual items (food, travel tickets, toys, make-up, clothes etc). You can even meet Tamagotchi fans from around the world.

    Tamagotchi Familitchi

    Select PC from the options...

    Your handset will have a password...

    You can now access the online content!

    Tamagotchi Familitchi

    Play games and earn
    Gotchi points online!

    As self-appointed arbiters of what's in and what's out, it is our sworn duty to inform you that Tamagotchi Familitchi are going to be the most sought after electronic gizmos sinceÂ…well, since all the other waves of Tamagotchi. And that, dear friends, is exactly why you should get ordering immediately. Let the craze continue!

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