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Talking Moshi Monsters
  • Talking Moshi Monsters

Talking Moshi Monsters

Hey Moshi!

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    Girl holding a Talking Moshi Monster

    Make your little Moshi Monster companion talk!

    If you’re in your pre-teens, the chances are you’ve already discovered the exciting online world of Moshi Monsters, but for all the grown-ups out there (or at least those of us shaped like grown-ups) we will explain.

    Moshi Monsters is a hugely popular online social network, created entirely for kids. In the virtual world of Monstro City, children can adopt their own unique Moshi Monster, play games and interact with their real-world friends.

    Until recently the only place you could find Moshi Monsters was online, but now the iconic characters of Monstro City have broken out into the real world in the form of these awesome talking plush dolls. Just squeeze their tummies to hear them laugh, talk or even giggle. Each doll comes with its own adoption certificate and a secret code that unlocks a unique in-game item.

    Furi Katsuma Diavlo




    Luvli Zommer Poppet




    The perfect present for your little monsters, now Moshi fans can carry their favourite characters wherever they go.

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