Talk to Me Treatball

    Talk to Me Treatball

    Talk Talk! Woof Woof! Yum Yum!

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      Considering the fact they're supposed to be man's best friend, dogs are surprisingly ill catered for when it comes to hi-tech gadgetry. Busted Frisbees, soggy sticks, and faded old rubber bones are all well and good, but don't you sometimes feel that your beloved pooch deserves a toy that's a little more 21st century? A little more technologically advanced? A little more, dare we say it, interactive?

      Loudspeaker in top of Treatball

      Step forward the utterly ingenious Talk To Me Treatball. This award-winning poochie plaything is guaranteed to alleviate what its makers refer to as 'separation anxiety'. Which, in plain English, means your dog will be so busy playing with this ball of fun he/she won't miss you as much when you have to leave the house.

      Treat dispensing hole in bottom of Treatball

      Basically, the Treatball is a talking (yes, talking) dog biscuit dispenser in the shape of a wonderfully chewy plastic ball. Simply record your own personal message for your four-legged friend and Treatball will replay the recording every time it's rolled or nudged. We recommend a simple but effective "Good dog", as imbecilic "Coochie-Coo" baby speak could well convince the neighbours that an escaped lunatic has been employed to look after your pooch. Re-recording your message is simply a case of pressing a button.

      Inside of Treatball removed

      As for the treats – well, a specially designed interior allows yummy doggy biccies (available separately) to be dispensed randomly one at a time, so your dog has to work for his treat rather than be rewarded every time the ball is rolled. This ultra-durable ball is dishwasher safe and a glow-in-the-dark version is also available should your dog wish to frolic at night.

      Treatball in hand

      The Talk To Me Treatball is great for training, too. In fact, the guard dogs here at Firebox Towers were so taken with our initial shipment we were reluctantly forced to dismiss them for abuse of company property (bear in mind we're an equal opportunities employer, and that includes species-type). We honestly believe the Treatball is the best thing to hit petsville in over 20 years – which is 93 in dog years! So order today, before we go barking mad trying to think of any more dog-related wordplay. Arf!

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