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Takeya Glass Water Bottle
  • Takeya Glass Water Bottle

Takeya Glass Water Bottle

Plastic? Not so fantastic

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    Holds over half a litre of water!

    If, like us, you frequent the finest Michelin starred restaurants in the world (ok, small fib) you’d notice that water is always served in those stylish skinny bottles and it seems to taste miles better. Why oh why is that? Well, pure glass is taste-neutral so there’s no plastic tang affecting your beverage, plus it doesn’t contain any of the nasty chemicals you find in your usual plastic bottle.

    Now you don’t have to go anywhere fancy (apart from Firebox) to enjoy the benefits of pure, refreshing water, as the Takeya Glass Water bottle has arrived! Not only does it look seriously stylish, it’s lightweight enough to carry around with you, keeps your water pure and fresh, and its silicone jacket protects the bottle so you can grip-and-go. Holding 50cl of water, this airtight and leak-proof cool container is perfect for swigging on the move.

    Four colours of bottle

    Available in 4 colours (from l-r): Natural, Ice Blue, Black Mist and Green

    The Takeya Glass Water bottle helps you do your bit for the planet too, as it can be used over and over and won’t end up in a landfill, or take 450 years to decompose like those pesky plastic bottles. Plus, we reckon you’ll save a few bob ditching your regular bottle habit and switching to the classier alternative. Pure glass!

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