Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug
  • Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug

Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug

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    Pouring a nice fruity drink

    Lovely fruity drink

    Ah, lovely water. The hub of life, the most rehydrating, thirst-quenching drinking liquid there is. At Firebox Towers, we pride ourselves on getting our two litres a day to keep our healthy glows, but lately we’ve come to the decision that water is, dare we say, a little bit dull just on its own. Luckily some clever H2O enthusiasts have invented the rather marvellous Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug to bring some fruity flavour to this lacklustre liquid.

    With this chic looking jug you can create any flavour of fruit infused water you like in minutes. Just pop your favourite fruit into to the jug, add water and wait a few minutes for the flavours to infuse. Before you know it, you’ve got yourself a refreshing, tasty aqua alternative to make even Heston Blumenthal green with envy.

    Try adding lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, (we could be here a while) or a combination of all your favourites. Add some ice if you like your infusion extra-chilled, or why not experiment with some refreshing herbs and flowers like mint, rose or lavender (ok, we went all Heston again but trust us, this culinary chemistry stuff is fun!) The clever fruit-blocking lid means that no fruity bits escape when you pour your lovely l’eau, so you’re only left with your refreshing custom-made mixture.

    The Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug is perfect for outdoor soirees, BBQ’s and picnics, and great for kids, teetotallers and health bods. Each jug makes 2L and can be stored in the fridge and kept fresh with its airtight lid lock. So what are you waiting for, get infusing and see what all the fuss is about!

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