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Takeaway Menu Organiser

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    With so many takeaway menus landing on your doormat every day it’s easy just to throw them in a drawer and forget about them. Until you actually want a takeaway, and then it’s impossible to find the one you want. Or the drawer collapses.

    Well now there’s a way to bring a little order to your nutritional outsourcing. File them in the Takeaway Menu Organiser and you’ll always have the right one to hand. This ingenious zip-up book comes with 5 dividers, each with a pouch for your favourite takeaway menus. Label the dividers any way you like with the supplied stickers and make skipping to the right section a doddle. It’s a great way to keep tabs on your local eateries and you can even add a thumbs up (or down) sticker to noteworthy performers.

    filing system sticker close-up writing orders

    File your favourite menus

    Add thumbs-up stickers to your favourites

    Remember everyone's order

    But that’s not all! The Take Away Menu Organiser also comes with a handy order pad. Divided into sections like “Who”, “Food” and “Drink” it’s the best way to make sure everyone has placed their order – and to double check it when it arrives. So no more doodling on your menus or accidentally over-ordering. This handy binder makes ordering a takeaway easier than ever. Hit Buy now and get a free bottle of cola (not really).

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