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Taiyo Typhoon T-3

      Taiyo Typhoon T-3

      A lot less bovver when you hover

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        When Christopher Cockerell invented the hovercraft back in 1956 he tested his theory using a couple of tin cans, an industrial air blower and a set of kitchen scales. Don't ask us how or why, but the rest is history. Indeed, even today the hovercraft is one of the most impressive vehicles around in a "how does that work, then?" kind of way.

        Taiyo Typhoon: Big Ass Fan

        Sadly, the Channel Tunnel put paid to the passenger hovercraft, so your only real chance of experiencing one of these amazing floaty-boaty vehicles first hand is to borrow Luke Skywalker's landspeeder or buy one for yourself. But as you've probably guessed, full-sized hovercrafts don't come cheap. That's why the incredible Taiyo Typhoon T-3 is such a thrilling little vehicle. Because as well as replicating the fascinating physics of a full-size hovercraft, this sleek little RC amphibian comes in at under £60 – a steal when you consider you're getting a plaything that travels on both land and water.

        Taiyo Typhoon: top view

        The rechargeable Typhoon utilises a powerful compressor to create that all-important, gravity-defying cushion of air. Meanwhile, two large fans at the rear push it forward and sideways. This allows the twin-channel Typhoon to float around effortlessly on land, pond, ice and even snow. Versatile? Just a bit.

        Taiyo Typhoon: rechargeable battery

        Controlling this lightning-fast, ground-effect-type wondercraft is not as easy as it looks. But once you get the hang of the twin-toggle transmitter you'll be skipping between surfaces faster than you can say "Christopher Cockerell cleverly created a cracking cross-surface craft." Probably.

        Taiyo Typhoon: complete kit

        Despite its mean and moody military camouflage – very SBS/Navy Seals - the Typhoon is bound to attract plenty of attention at the park. Not least because it skips across land and water at a highly impressive rate and darts around like a rocket-propelled duck. With the Typhoon you'll be the envy of the pond and the playing field! Wheels? Who needs '‘em!

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