Tabletop Pool/Snooker

    Tabletop Pool/Snooker

    Go snooker loopy and pool crazy without ever leaving your desk

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      We all know what a nightmare grabbing a quick game of pool in the local can be: lopsided tables, scuffles over whose coins are where, and wideboy hustlers with their own iffy rules and regulations. And as for snookerÂ…well, that usually involves going to a dodgy basement club and competing against thuggish men whose teeth bear an uncanny resemblance to the balls on the table, i.e. dirty, chipped and several different colours.

      But now, next time you feel the irresistible urge to knock balls around with a stick, all you have to do is clear the nearest desk or table, place Tabletop Pool/Snooker on top, chalk your cue, rack ‘em up and make your break.

      OK, so it’s small, but this perfectly miniaturised table is just as playable as its (much) bigger brothers and ten times as versatile. Featuring the same sturdy construction as a standard table, Tabletop Pool/Snooker also boasts quality cloth and cushions. So even though it’s a mere 3ft long and the cues are only marginally bigger than Tommy Lee’s drumsticks, the action and technique are pretty darn similar to the real thing. But let’s really talk balls. Tabletop Pool/Snooker comes complete with 1.5” best quality regulation snooker AND pool balls. So there can be no ‘Well I’m actually much better at…’ excuses. We’ll even throw in a couple of dinky cues, a triangle, scorer, rulebook and chalk. All that’s missing is the spanner in the white gloves and dickey bow.

      Despite its size, Tabletop Pool/Snooker really is incredibly addictive. Here at Firebox, one simple trick shot demonstration (failed) turned into a nail biting 20-frame epic. And that’s the beauty of it; this miniaturised classic can be played anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be unable to hit just one ball without wanting to go for the next. Tabletop Pool/Snooker is perfect for home, office, or anywhere else you’d care to think of. You could even take it on a picnic or play it whilst loafing around watching the real thing on TV. We believe Tabletop Pool/Snooker is going to sell faster than front row tickets at The Crucible, so get to the front of the ‘cue’ and order today.

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