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Tabletop Poker Board
  • Tabletop Poker Board

Tabletop Poker Board

Viva Las Sitting Room!

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    If you want to be effortlessly cool in a Rat Pack / Goodfellas / Ocean's Eleven kinda way, you've got to be a dab hand at Poker. After all, any bozo can bluster their way through a game of blackjack or roulette, but poker remains the game of choice for sophisticated cats-about-town the world over.

    Sadly, in recent years this complex game of nerve and bluff has been hijacked by televisual oiks such as Phil Mitchell and his cohorts dah'n the Walford Café. And let's be honest, playing a glamorous game like poker on a rickety old kitchen table is akin to holding the Henley Regatta on the local duck pond. As the saying (almost) goes: "It ain't what you play, it's the way that you play it."

    Tabletop Poker Board

    Sure you can go out and buy a tux and a cigar, but if you really want to recreate that genuine casino vibe you can't be using makeshift surfaces. And unless you've got oodles of cash, buying a proper casino table is out of the question for the casual poker player. So how do you give your poker games a glamorous touch of realism without hiring a Sharon Stone lookalike? Easy, you buy the ingenious Tabletop Poker Board.

    This specially designed folding tabletop will transform your average piece of four-legged furniture into a realistic poker table. Featuring a high quality felt playing surface and a vinyl padded base, the Tabletop Poker Board fits on any round or square table and can accommodate up to eight players. Best of all, the whole thing folds in half, so you can hide the evidence in a flash - ideal should disapproving visitors come calling mid-flush.

    Tabletop Poker Board

    To add to the realism, each of the eight, four-slot chip trays boasts a handy drinks holder, so you can drown your sorrows or drink to your success without having to worry about knocking your glass over. Despite its sturdy construction the Tabletop Poker Board is supremely portable, and can be moved from secret location to secret location without any additional muscle. It really is like having your own portable casino.

    We think the Tabletop Poker Board is the best thing to happen to the game since Late Night Celebrity Poker hit our TV screens. In fact, you really can't be dealing with, or on, anything else.

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