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Tabletop Ping-Pong

    Tabletop Ping-Pong

    Table-top table tennis

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      Once every four years, the British public as a whole agree that ping-pong (or table tennis, if you like) is a great game. This is because, one night while waiting for athletics or boxing during a day's Olympic highlights, they sit through some 'TT'. Tony Gubba does the commentary, and the players do astounding feats of hand-eye co-ordination with rubber bats and the tiny white ball.

      Table in use Recreating medal-winning play in the comfort of your home is difficult at the best of times, and you've got absolutely no chance of doing it on the TTPP (as we like to call it). Instead, with the shrunken playing table hampering the chance of ten-minute rallies and saves from the back of the room, a whole different can of worms is opened.

      It's a laugh. That's why we like it so much. The sight of two persons hunched over the table trying to keep the game going is consistently amusing. And, if you devote a little time to grasp the elements of the game, you can have a good match against someone of similar ability.

      Plus, knowing how easily balls can get lost, it's a good job that the makers have plumped for the standard ping-pong ball as their spheroid of choice.

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