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Tabletop Football

    Tabletop Football

    Football's coming home to a tabletop near you

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      Over the past few years we've seen a frenzied increase in demand for everything associated with inflated pigs' bladders. 'Balls!' we hear you chant. And you'd be right. So why not check out our thrilling Tabletop Football Game? Measuring a space-saving 16"x5"x16.5" this is slightly bigger than a PS2, but triple the fun of any computerised footie game. After all, you can't replace the ball with a Malteser/Cheesy Puff or make players dribble whilst standing on their heads in Fifa 2002, can you? All right, so this is as basic as table football comes, but the whole essence of the beautiful, beer drenched game that you manhandle down your local is still intact, despite its diminutive size.

      Giving your opponent a faceful of football pie is as satisfying in this little beauty as it is in bigger versions of table football, because reflexes, reaction-time and speed are just as crucial.

      Like other table football games, each seven-a-side squad features players impaled through the hip via a chunky, sprung-metal control pole. Which is nice. And keeping score is easy thanks to the time-honoured numbered-dice-at-each-end method.

      Best of all, this is supremely portable so replicating real games round a friends following the big match is easier than upsetting Kevin Keegan in a post match interview. Actually, you could even smuggle this compact stadium of fun into the office for a quick kickabout when the boss isn't looking.

      Some assembly is required, but hey, Wembley wasn't built in a day. (In fact, Wembley hasn't been built at all, so that's a bonus). Tabletop Football really scores a hat trick in terms of value, size and fun. They think it's all over... it is now!

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