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TV Blanket

    TV Blanket

    Celebrate your sluggishness with the TV Blanket. Slouch potatoes rejoice!

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      Let's be honest, loafing in front of the telly is for winners. It's true! In fact, recent research has shown that people who spend most evenings glued to the gogglebox are far more likely to achieve success in life, love and 'how's your father' than bores who play sport and eat brown rice.

      All right, so we made that last bit up, but there's no escaping the fact that staying in is the new going out. Besides, even if you do bother going out, we bet you spend the vast majority of the evening discussing TV! So why not celebrate your slovenly tendencies by snuggling into our velvety TV Blanket?

      Specifically designed to enhance your viewing pleasure, this luxuriously warm, 100% polyester fleece blanket is big enough to envelope slouch potatoes of all proportions. Measuring an all-encompassing 152x107cm, even 'guest-on-Jerry Springer' sized viewers will be able to enjoy the delights of the TV Blanket. What's more, it's great for protecting your clothes from stray nibbles, beer and dribbles. Just pick it up, shake it off and snuggle back into its cosy embrace. Ingeniously packaged in a box resembling a genuine 70s-style mahogany veneer TV, this is the perfect gift for anyone who worships at the altar of John Logie Baird. Happiness is a TV Blanket!

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