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  • TV-B-Gone


Don't you just love being in control?

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    Here at Firebox we love watching the telly. But even we can't deny the fact that the glowing gogglebox is a thief of time. Because for every nerve-shredding episode of 24 there's an imbecilic instalment of Celebrity Love Island. And for every intriguing Prime Suspect there's a mind-numbing It Shouldn't Happen to a Celebrity's Pet Wrestling IV.

    TV-B-Gone The point being, TV isn't always worth watching. In fact when you start gazing at the box simply because it's there it no longer gives experiences, it takes them away! Sadly most of us haven't the will or the way to do anything about it. Yes, you can switch off, but what about all the times when you're not in charge of the remote?

    TV-B-Gone Well that's exactly where the groundbreaking TV-B-Gone comes in. According to the manufacturers this dinky device is all about 'freeing people from the attention-sapping hold of omnipresent television programming'. Which is true, but it's also about having a right giggle and triumphing against trash TV, because this tiny gizmo will turn off almost any telly at the touch of a button.

    TV-B-Gone That's right, blank screen-lovers, the keyring-friendly TV-B-Gone might look like a car alarm blipper but it's capable of switching off any TV in a flash. Better still it's so neat and discreet nobody will know who's responsible for this supreme act of televisual sabotage.

    TV-B-Gone So how does it work then? Well, pushing the button on TV-B-Gone causes it to send out a sequence of power codes for virtually every TV around. It can take a little time but good things come to those who wait and 90% of televisions should turn off within 17 seconds. As well as pressing the button we suggest you spend the time rolling your eyes and pretending to whistle, as we've discovered that many people don't particularly appreciate having their favourite shows unceremoniously shut off. Think of it as charity work, because with TV-B-Gone you'll be able to secretly liberate dedicated followers of pixellated puerility in a matter of seconds. What a complete turn off!

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