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TT Buddy Pro

It’s a veritable robo-Gump

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    It turns

    Turns from side to side

    We know what you’re thinking – there’s no way table tennis could be made any more exciting. We felt just the same. But then we discovered the TT Buddy Pro. Now, practicing against human opponents seems positively yawnsworthy. Because this stylish bit of mains-powered kit is able to fire over 100 ping pong balls at a rate of up to 70 balls per minute. And not all in the same direction either.

    In fact, the TT Buddy Pro comes with a wired remote control to adjust a host of settings. Find your preferred rate of fire between 20 and 70 balls per minute and set the speed of the built-in oscillator. Like a household fan, the TT will turn from side to side, popping ping pong balls all over your side of the table. Combined with adjustable underspin and topspin, it’s the ideal way to practice your returns and improve your reaction time.

    TT Buddy Pro

    120 Training balls

    Adjust the settings yourself, or put them in the hands of your coach (or giggling friend). With someone else at the controls there’s scope for all sorts of unpredictability as you play – not to mention fun! The funnel-shaped hopper on top will hold over 100 balls, so you’ll have plenty of chances to work on your forehand and backhand before having to stop and pick ‘em all up again.

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