TRAMP-It Jump Shoes
  • TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Put a spring in your step

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    With more boi-yoing than a kangaroo on the moon, these ludicrously fun TRAMP-It Jump Shoes are guaranteed to put a spring in your step. Thanks to their super strong, flexible strip beneath the sole, you can jump further, bounce higher, or simply pwang yourself down the high street at a giggly pace.

    Jumping Walk or run switch Button that changes the size of the shoe

    Put an extra spring in your step!

    Adjustment for running and walking

    Change the size of the shoe

    Great fun for kids of all sizes, just strap on a pair and you’ll be up and hopping in no time. They’ve even been proven to boost your endurance, improve your balance and strengthen running muscles. There’s never been a more fun way to get fit!

    View from underneath the shoe

    View of the sole

    More detail and specification