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TQ Heart

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    TQ Heart

    Heart-shaped motif flashes and pulsates

    It's just not fair, is it girls? Blokes seem to have all the fun when it comes to eye-catching T-shirts. From sweary shockers and retro schlockers, they're spoilt for choice.

    So how do you attract admiring glances and mesmerise fellow clubbers with a top that's distinctive yet feminine? Well yes, you could cut two dinner plate-sized holes in the front of a pink T-shirt, but we had something a little more tasteful in mind. Step forward the TQ Heart.

    TQ Heart

    This stylish fitted T-shirt is all set to rival the best-selling T-Equaliser, as it features an electro-luminescent heart-shaped motif that flashes and pulsates in time with the music it 'hears'. How? A titchy battery pack is hidden in a pocket just inside the hem. This powers the gleaming, noise-sensitive LEDs within the heart. Clever, eh!

    Rendering every other 'look at me' T-shirt utterly obsolete, the TQ Heart is the ultimate in clubwear. You won't even need to bust any moves or work up a sweat to knock 'em dead. Simply flick the hidden 'on' switch and prepare to be gawped at.

    TQ Heart

    Available in Black or Pink

    TQ Heart

    Hidden battery pack with on/off switch

    As well as being spectacularly original, the TQ Heart is a major talking point in any scenario - the darker and louder the better. We dispatched a few TQ-clad volunteers to a top Ibizan nightspot and fellow punters were reportedly gobsmacked. And it wasn't because two of the volunteers were blokes. It was the TQ Hearts that did it. Talk about lighting up the dancefloor.

    Whether you're pubbing it, clubbing it, or simply messing about in a darkened room, this über-stylish T-shirt is guaranteed to beguile onlookers. So have a heart and hit Buy. Or should that be the other way round? Whatever. This is one heart that never misses a beat!

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