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TMX Elmo

    TMX Elmo

    What a Muppet!

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      Laugh and the world laughs with you. Or so they say; we're usually the only ones laughing when someone misses a bus. And we seldom see anyone else sniggering when someone tries to style it out after stepping in something they shouldn't. But humour is subjective, isn't it? Well almost - because everyone who sees TMX Elmo in action immediately cracks up. He really is hilarious!

      Maybe that's because this daft Muppet's fits of hysteria are infectious. (By the way, in case you've been living in some toy-free alternate universe for the past decade, Elmo is an extremely ticklish, goggle-eyed Muppet).

      TMX Elmo
      So what's this all-new, tenth anniversary version of Elmo all about then? To paraphrase the theme from the Muppet Show, TMX Elmo is the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, battery-operated soft toy we've ever seen, as he has three interactive tickle zones on his chin, tummy and foot. The second you start tickling Elmo he sits up and slaps his knee, laughing hysterically. He then rocks himself back up and asks for more.

      Tickle him again and he falls to the ground, before kicking like a loon and shimmying across the floor on his back. Then, in his most side-splitting move ever, he rolls on his belly and pounds the floor with his fist.

      Unlike most interactive soft toys, TMX Elmo's movements are amazingly realistic (for a bright red furry thingamabob). He's guaranteed to cheer you up every time you switch him on. In fact if you don't at least crack a smile as TMX Elmo cackles himself silly, we can only assume you've had a sense of humour bypass. Or you're just not as childish as we are.

      As you probably know, every incarnation of Tickle Me Elmo has been a hard-to-get-hold-of smash, and TMX Elmo will be no exception. So hurry up and get ordering whilst stocks last, otherwise the joke will most definitely be on you!

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