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TIX LED Clock (London Lite Offer)

    TIX LED Clock (London Lite Offer)

    Designer time machine

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      Have you noticed how you seldom see bog-standard, digits and dials-style clocks in sci-fi scenarios? We haven't spotted any brass carriage clocks aboard the Starship Enterprise. And we're pretty sure Darth Vader didn't have a SpongeBob wall clock in his Death Star bedroom. Maybe that's because regular timepieces are just too old-fashioned for the Spocks and Skywalkers of this world.

      With this in mind our most recent mission has been to seek out a radical new clock; a clock brimming with wow factor that tells the time in a whole new way. And yes, you guessed it, we found one.

      TIX LED clock The über-chic TIX Clock is unlike any timepiece we've ever seen as it displays the time via a series of colourful, seemingly random LEDs. If you're looking at the pictures and scratching your head, don't. Once you grasp the basic concept you'll wonder why you never sussed it immediately, because the value of each digit is represented by the number of illuminated squares in each panel. So the clock in the picture reads 12:14. Easy, eh?

      The great thing about the TIX is that any given time can be displayed in thousands of different ways. You can even set it to update every second so you end up with a constantly evolving sequence of time-telling patterns. It certainly is an abstract concept. But seeing as time is a nonspatial continuum (yes, we looked that up) the whole notion seems entirely appropriate, especially in the hi-tech Noughties.

      TIX LED clock
      TIX LED clock As well as its revolutionary time-telling technique, the TIX is a gorgeously-engineered piece of contemporary art that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Finished in smart brushed metal or matte black with three dimming levels, this sleek gizmo is so ahead of its time it wouldn't look out of place in Buck Rogers' boudoir, so imagine how many heads it will turn in your home or office. You must know what time it is by now. Yes, it's time to buy!

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