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What a bright idea

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    With so many iDocks out there it takes a real humdinger to get our juices flowing. But the TEAC SR-LUXi has got us in a right lather because as well as sounding pretty sensational (©Tony Blackburn 1972), this high quality dock features a multifunctional alarm clock, FM radio with 10 preset stations and integrated auto-dimming table-top light. What a bright idea!

    Function buttons Remote control On-board LED clock

    Power/Function/Alarm/Sleep/Volume and Snooze buttons

    Remote control

    On-board LED clock

    Just like Tiger Woods, the TEAC is not really a complete square; it’s hollow, giving it a distinctive contemporary appearance. But don’t be deceived by the space between its ears because this stylish dock within a block packs a sonic punch that’ll blow your socks, and quite possibly your p-jams, clean off.


    Adjust the lighting

    Each of its stereo speakers has its own separate chamber, and there's an EQ with a series of settings for flat, pop, talk, classic, jazz and rock, as well as a bass reflex port at the back.

    But what about the glowing LED surround? Listen up because as well as being adjustable through various angles, the TEAC boasts three dimmer settings and can be programmed to illuminate gradually (up to half an hour before the alarm sounds) or full force alongside the alarm. This means you can wake up to playlists, buzzers, radio and/or the light.

    Connections on rear

    Connections and buttons on the back

    Throw in a sleek remote control to tweak light settings, volume and docked iWhatever menus and you’re looking at one of the sexiest things to wake up to this side of Eva Longoria/Brad Pitt (delete where applicable). The digits of the on-board LED clock even appear through a mesh grille.

    Perfect lighting and music solution for your lounge or bedside desk!

    Perfect lighting and music solution for your lounge or bedside desk!

    With all these features in one überdock, de-cluttering your bedside table/desk has never been easier. Actually it’s never been possible because the TEAC SR-LUXi is the first lamp/dock/radio/clock mash up we’ve ever seen. Music and lights? It’s a winning combo.

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