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    insert CDs too

    Not only is it an iPod/iPhone dock, it's a CD player and FM radio too!

    With so many iPod speaker docks out there, how do you decide which one to buy? Easy, you listen to the esteemed members of the tech press. And the dock they’re all drooling over is the stunning TEAC Aurb.

    Compatible with every iPod/iPhone model out there, this curvaceous slab of audio dynamite delivers a rich sonic punch that’ll knock your socks (and quite possibly your vest and pants) clean off. Indeed several journos rate it alongside the much revered (and much pricier) Zeppelin.

    As well as a retractable iPod/iPhone dock, the Aurb (pronounced ‘orb’) boasts an FM tuner, top-mounted CD player and auxiliary/USB inputs so you can play MP3 and WMA files from memory sticks, CDs and more. Take three gizmos into the sitting room? Nah!

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    Comes with a slim remote too

    If you’re looking for power you’ve come to the right place because the Aurb belts out 100 watts of room-deafening audio via twin 32mm tweeters and 89mm woofers. But it’s not all about wallop because this astounding sound system features a range of equaliser settings to please audiophiles who appreciate subtlety as well as beef-flavoured oomph.

    Unlike many speaker docks in its division, the Aurb’s sexy remote is no afterthought; it’s an intuitive, gorgeously-built blipper with matching elliptical styling that allows you to twiddle through menus and playlists with ease.

    Best of all, press accolades and audio prowess aside, the Aurb looks like the kind of thing Darth Vader might use to blast out the Imperial March, or even wear on his head. And if that’s not a brilliant reason for hitting the Buy button we don’t know what is.

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