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TDK Sound Cube
  • TDK Sound Cube

TDK Sound Cube

Great sounds all round

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    Portable enough to take anywhere

    Better known for making audio cassettes way back in the dark ages (“What’s a D90, Nanna?”), seasoned veterans of sound, TDK, have refused to go the same way; and turned their hand to stunning boomboxes instead.

    The TDK Sound Cube is the smallest in their range; although, at 25.5cm³ it’s no pipsqueak. Each of the Cube’s vertical sides has its own speaker (two active and two passive), giving you 360° of party-starting audio; and the sturdy leather handle on top just screams “pick me up!”. Which is a good thing, as this funky sound system is at its best when it’s on the move. Whether you’re hooking it up to the mains or going portable with batteries, it’s great for using all around the house, carrying into the garden, or even taking on a picnic!

    volume speaker menu button

    The TDK Soundcube goes upto 11!

    5 1/4" coaxial drivers deliver the noise

    Easy to use menu button and dial

    Four separate sound ports on the back (if it has a “back”) let you plug in all sorts of stuff, from an iPod to an electric guitar. The top is lined with non-slip rubber padding, giving your gadget somewhere to sit without it getting scratched or wobbled off by the pounding bass. Now, all we need is a little sunshine.

    ports at back

    From left to right: Inputs for AC Power supply (included), USB 2.0, RCA, 3.5mm and 6.3mm Line in sockets

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