TDK OutLoud CD Wallet

    TDK OutLoud CD Wallet

    CD wallet that's wired for sound!

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      You've seen portable speakers, you've seen CD wallets, but we bet you haven't seen a CD wallet with built-in, flat-panel stereo speakers! This utterly ingenious amalgamation of two of portable music's must-have items is brought to you by those clever people at TDK, and it really is a fabulous accessory for itinerant music fans everywhere.

      Although the OutLoud is described as a wallet, it won't exactly fit in your pocket, unless of course you moonlight as a clown or wear strides purloined from Rik Waller. That said, considering what this contains, it's still a seriously compact, mega-portable piece of equipment. Twelve double-sided pouches will accommodate 24 of your finest CDs, whilst a reasonably large mesh pocket should just about hold your CD player provided it's not too bulky. (If you're more of an MP3 person, the pocket will easily hold your player, some spare batteries and a set of earphones).

      Now listen up, because here comes the clever bit: built into the actual wallet are two, flat-panel stereo speakers, 16" of cable and a 3.5mm stereo mini-plug. Simply open the wallet up, plug your portable music device in, and behold: your favourite tunes will miraculously explode into the ether for all and sundry to enjoy.

      Thanks to their NXT flat-panel technology, the 4ohm, 230Hz-15KHz speakers produce surprisingly crisp sonics and are capable of blasting out your faves for almost 24 hours (via 3xAA batteries). The whole kit and caboodle is exceptionally stylish and is available in red or blue.

      With its amazing portability, functionality and sound quality, we confidently expect the OutLoud to leap into the upper echelons of our best seller list. So order yours today or forever hold your, er, CD player. And your speakers. And your CDs. And your batteries. You know it makes sense!

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