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  • T-Equaliser


Don't just feel the noise - wear it!

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    The panel lights up when music plays

    When we first heard about a T-shirt called the T-Equaliser we half expected to see a garment depicting a moody looking Edward Woodward (youngsters, get Googling). But no, the T-Equaliser gets its name from the fact it has a whacking great graphic equaliser across its chest.

    But it's not some ironed-on picture of a classic LED equaliser (like the ones Capri drivers favoured back in the Harry Bigbutton 80s). No, this particular equaliser is of the electro luminescent variety, and it actually reacts to the music it 'hears'. How? Well a clever little mini battery pack is hidden in a pocket just inside the hem. This powers the gleaming LEDs on the equaliser. Clever, eh!

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    Looking flashy!

    Rendering every other 'look at me' T-shirt utterly obsolete, the T-Equaliser is the ultimate in clubwear. Forget about sweary shock Ts and retro schlock Ts, this eye-catching shirt is guaranteed to mesmerise fellow clubbers and pubbers as it illuminates and moves in time to the music.

    We've noticed that the T-Equaliser goes mad to that 'uncha-uncha-uncha' cacophony favoured by clubbers, but it also seems to like metal and the (cranked up) theme to Father Dowling Investigates. The darker the venue and the louder the music, the better.

    We donned our T-Equalisers for a night out and lost count of the people who asked where we got them. Of course, we said Firebox. And so will everyone else, so get ordering and pump up the volume before it's too late.

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