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Film crew for your iPhone

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  • Your own personal camera crew
  • Record action sports, presentations or blockbuster films
  • Automatically follows your every move
  • Captures perfect audio as well as imagery & video


If the iPhone is the portable video camera for a new generation, then the Swivl is the dedicated film crew.

Fully automated and utilising motion-sensitive tracking technology, this sleek and sturdy mechanised base does just what the name suggest; with full 360º horizontal-rotation and +10º/-20º vertical movement.

Swivl works by tracking the ‘Marker’, a small lightweight sensor that can be clipped onto clothing or held in your hand, allowing the Swivl base unit to home in on your exact position. When you move, Swivl moves with you. The base unit itself securely holds your smartphone or, thanks to the included tripod mount, most action or pocket cameras weighing in under 170 grams.

The Swivl Marker also doubles as a iOS Digital Microphone allowing you to capture crystal clear audio no matter the noise going on around you.

With a sensor range of up to 10 metres, and an amazing iOS app to add amazing features to your masterpiece; you can Spielberg to your heart’s content or sleep safe in the knowledge that you've nailed the perfect presentation.

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