Switchblade Boomerang
  • Switchblade Boomerang

Switchblade Boomerang

Spring it and fling it

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    If Batman ever took up childminding, we reckon he’d approve of the Switchblade Boomerang. Made from three spongy, spring-loaded blades, this cool piece of kit will fold up and slide easily into a pocket, bag, or utility belt.

    Description Description Description

    Fits in your pocket

    Press the centre button to flip out the foam blades

    Launch and (hopefully) catch!

    When you find yourself in some space, just press the central button and the three foam blades will fling out and lock in place. Once you’ve paused from dramatic effect, throw the Switchblade and it will arc back to you. Or at least, it should. It takes a bit of practice, but this brilliant twist on throw and catch is great fun to play on your own, or with friends.

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