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Switch Multitool

A tool for any occasion

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    Choose your tools and fix them together quickly and easily

    You never know when you might be called upon to tighten, prise, saw, strip, slice or simply show off at a moments notice. But let’s be honest, lugging a full-size toolbox around is impractical, not to mention pretty weird. So why not pick and choose the right tools for the job and pop them on the modular Switch Multitool.

    Handier than a crate load of handy things from the handy store in Handyland, this customisable utility device comes with 18 different attachments so you can mix and match your most frequently used tools or group them into different themes: home, office, outdoors, etc. Clever, eh? And thanks to three interior axle assemblies your tool can be as big or small as you like (insert infantile joke as required).

    3 different sizes to make and use

    Small (2-6 tools)

    Medium (4-10 tools)

    Large (7-13 tools)

    fix the parts together

    Tighten axles with a coin

    Simply compile your attachments on the axles, pop on the body covers, tighten the slotted caps with a coin and you’re good to go. The attachments can then be flipped out penknife-style when you need ‘em.

    Impressed? You should be, because as well as its amazing versatility the Switch is gorgeously engineered and includes some suitably quirky attachments alongside its screwdrivers, scissors and saws, from an LED flashlight to a magnifying lens.

    storage box

    A place for everything...

    Speaking of all things quirky, we nearly forgot to mention that the Switch has been socially developed by our idea-hugging friends at Quirky.com so you can rest assured plenty of thought has gone into its attachments. It even comes with a mini screwdriver to adjust fiddly eyeglasses and a can opener/wire stripper so you can celebrate changing a plug with erm… a tin of soup. Quirky or what?!

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