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Switch Bluetooth Speaker
  • Switch Bluetooth Speaker
  • Switch Bluetooth Speaker
  • Switch Bluetooth Speaker
  • Switch Bluetooth Speaker
  • Switch Bluetooth Speaker

Switch Bluetooth Speaker

Listen Talk Charge!

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  • Fantastic sounding minimalist multi-purpose marvel
  • Wirelessly enjoy your music, games, and movies
  • Professional conference call solution
  • Charge your mobile phone and other USB devices


Blending a clean, functional design with high-quality sound and an abundance of useful hidden extras the Switch Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for so many occasions:

Party in the park? Make your presence felt for the whole day with a battery that gives you 14 hours of playing time on a full charge. Lengthy!

Impromptu business meeting? Not a problem, with solid VoIP capabilities the unit acts as your very own conference call hub. Businessy!

Watching a movie? Why not beef up the sound, with high performance bass and sub-woofer, and give that harrowing zombie dismemberment scene the clout it deserves. Clouty!

Running low on power? Use it to charge your phone and other USB mobile devices. Chargey!

Where a lot of speakers struggle, this portable powerhouse excels - allowing for rich deep bass notes and distortion-free sound even when played at high volumes. Apple, Android, Nokia - the Switch Speaker despises inequality and so long as you have bluetooth connectivity you'll be blasting out your favourite beats quick-fast. For those of you who still love wires, all of your standard ports are easily accessible but neatly tidied away beneath a satisfyingly handy little flap.

Yes, it undeniably resembles an enormous Lego brick (which isn't a bad thing), but what's not plain to see is that the Switch weighs a reassuring 600g and has been designed with a rugged non-slip rubber coating so that it can be used both vertically and horizontally to suit its surroundings.

With its sleek looks and so many useful features packed in, it truly is the Swiss Army Knife of the speaker world and if you haven't already got one - it's time for a Switch.

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