Swissvoice ePure Telephone
  • Swissvoice ePure Telephone

Swissvoice ePure Telephone

Isn’t it iconic

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    Wireless handset

    Here’s a nifty move – designing a modern phone based on a 2D computer icon based on an old-fashioned phone. Confused? Well that’s half the fun of the Swissvoice ePure.

    Indeed, by going from A to B via PC, the designers have created a home phone that looks both high tech and timeless at the same time. The wireless handset feels reassuringly familiar to hold and sits comfortably against your shoulder when you’re multitasking around the house. And it’s packed with handy features from its backlit display to customisable ringtones.

    But who cares about features when your phone looks like it just popped out of a signpost? It’s the perfect bit of kit for a designer pad, techie’s paradise, or teenager’s bedroom. Leave it in the living room and watch your guests do a double take as they walk past. Ooh, isn’t it iconic?

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