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Swiss Tool

      Swiss Tool

      16 in 1

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        The SwissTool is crammed with numerous features. It shares the same design integrity and functionality that has made the Swiss Army knife a standard of excellence throughout the world. This high-grade stainless steel tool is ruggedly constructed to withstand use under the most vigorous conditions and comes with a lifetime Victorinox guarantee.

        The SwissTool features:

        • Pliers, wire-cutter

        • Electric crimper

        • Inches & centimetre ruler

        • Large blade

        • Screwdriver (7.5mm) and strong crate opener

        • Wire bender, bottle opener and screwdriver (5mm)

        • Sliding lock release

        • Wire scraper, wire stripper and chisel/scraper

        • Can opener, screwdriver (3mm)

        • Wood saw

        • Screwdriver (2mm)

        • Phillips screwdriver for small and large screws

        • Reamer / Punch

        • Metal saw and metal file

        • Serrated Blade

        • Lanyard attachment

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