Swiss Tech Bodyguard 7 in 1 Emergency Tool
  • Swiss Tech Bodyguard 7 in 1 Emergency Tool

Swiss Tech Bodyguard 7 in 1 Emergency Tool

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    Forging rivers in a 4x4 is great fun, but piling into deep water in your family hatchback is no picnic. Rising water and cold can make even experienced drivers lose their head, when what they need to be doing is breaking a window and getting out, quickly! To save vital seconds and ensure you get everyone to safety, keep the Swiss Tech Bodyguard 7 in 1 Emergency Tool handy.

    alarm Glass cutter Light


    Glass cutter

    LED light

    Specially-designed for bailing out of vehicles in a hurry, this potentially lifesaving tool has everything you need. A safety blade will easily cut through the fabric of a jammed seatbelt, an automatic glass-breaker will make short work of your window and a sonic alarm will let anyone nearby know you’re in trouble (if they don’t know already). The Bodyguard also comes with a high and low beam LED torch and a flashing red emergency light for signalling for help.


    1) LED light, 2) Light button, 3) Tyre gauge, 4) Tyre gauge reading screen, 5) Thermometer,
    6) Seat-belt cutter, 7) Alarm button, 8) Glass cutter

    Compact and lightweight, the bodyguard will easily fit on a set of keys and can be released with a quick tug. It even has a digital pressure gauge to check your tyres before you leave the house. With all these features inside a tough ABS body, it’s the tough little tool you won’t want to be without.

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