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    When we first heard about Swiss Spice we had visions of some erstwhile member of the Girl Power movement clad in cowbells and cuckoo clocks. Thankfully Swiss Spice isn't a person, it's an ingenious compact condiment dispenser that just happens to come from the land of mountains and moo-cows.

    Swiss Spice This extremely stylish little salt and pepper shaker has been designed with portability in mind and it's ideal for festival fans, sporty types, backpackers or anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Because let's be honest, we've all experienced the disappointment of a salt and pepper-free picnic. And lugging hefty shakers around is a right pain in the condiments. Of course you can always wrap a few grains in some tinfoil but the squished foil usually gets lost in a sock, only to surface once you're emptying the washing machine. And that's why you need to Swiss Spice up your life.

    Swiss Spice Precision crafted in superior-strength co-polyester resin, Swiss Spice is a triumph of design ingenuity and at 6x6cm it's small enough to fit in your pocket, even if you're wearing skin-tight leggings (well it is Swiss, after all). Despite its diminutive dimensions, Swiss Spice holds 20g of salt and 6g of pepper - enough to last two people for a two week get away.

    Swiss Spice Featuring a water resistant cap, this transparent twin-chambered gizmo is even humidity proof, so the contents won't clot or clump. Better still, Swiss Spice won't salt your shreddies or pepper your panties if it's rolling around in your luggage.

    Supremely robust, Swiss Spice can be used single-handed, making it ideal for those awkward moments when you need to season your beans but can't let go of your tent pole. Or something like that. Indeed, this amazing little shaker is so impressive the Swiss army have placed an order (and they can do with all the help they can get, what with those silly little knives they have to fight with). So order your Swiss Spice now; there's never been a better reason to season.

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