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    Swimfins are swim-fun!

    Back when you learned to swim, the chances are you wore armbands at some point. Or even a miniature lifejacket. But it’s quite a leap to go from these to swimming unassisted. In fact, armbands and life jackets restrict your movement, so they actually prevent you from learning how to swim naturally! It’s no wonder some children lose their confidence when the armbands come off. Well the Swimfin is set to change all that.

    Created by UK swimming instructor Kevin Moseley (and seen on Dragons’ Den) this innovative strap-on buoyancy aid allows the arms and shoulders to move freely, helping children to develop a natural swimming style. This way, when they’re confident enough to remove the Swimfin they can keep using the same techniques to stay afloat. Oh yes – it’s also great fun!


    Available in blue, pink and grey


    For ages 3 and up

    Suitable for swimmers aged 3 years and older, the Swimfin is great for playing and encouraging imagination. So unlike embarrassing armbands and boring tombstone-shaped floats; kids will want to strap on their ‘fin before jumping in with their friends.

    And it’s for this reason the Swimfin has been endorsed by the UK’s governing body for swimming, the ASA. Steadily growing in popularity amongst instructors and swimming clubs alike, now’s the time to ditch those restrictive armbands and give your kids the lift they need!

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