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Swedish Army Firesteel

    Swedish Army Firesteel

    Twisted fire-starter

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      There are a number of situations you could find yourself in that will have you wishing youÂ’d got yourself a Firesteel while you had the opportunity. For example, youÂ’ve broken down miles from anywhere in the middle of the country, youÂ’ve got no mobile coverage and there isnÂ’t a house for miles. YouÂ’ll be needing to start a small fire just to keep warm, so whip out your Firesteel and away you go. Another example: youÂ’re camped out in a field, itÂ’s wet and miserable, and the family-size box of cookÂ’s matches youÂ’ve brought along with you to light the camping stove now contains more water than your average soft drink. Again, pull out your Firesteel and set the table.

      Swedish Army Firesteel The Swedish Army Firesteel will put an end to the difficulty of outdoor or domestic fire-starting, Say goodbye to fiddly flint changes and hazardous lighter fluid refills with one of these little chaps – standard issue to the elite fighting forces of several different countries. The Firesteel produces a 3,000°C spark, capable of creating an inferno of just about any flammable material you put in its path and the little blaze-maker will keep on sparking at least 12,000 times. Wave goodbye to the blood-boiling frustration of ‘traditional’ fire-lighting on camping trips and drink in the hi-tech modern simplicity of blaze creation the Firesteel way.

      Swedish Army FiresteelDid we mention that the spark is so bright you can also use it as an emergency beacon? Well it is, meaning that should you find yourself in somewhere completely inhospitable – Stevenage for example - you can not only light a comforting fire, but also make the relevant emergency services aware of your location.

      With an incineration-facilitator like this in your pocket, you can toss away those half empty packs of Swan Vestas and know that the next time you and the great outdoors become acquainted, youÂ’ve got a reliable fire-lighting method to hand. Now if only the weather was as reliable as a Swedish Army FiresteelÂ…..

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