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Swann Wireless Video MicroCam

    Swann Wireless Video MicroCam

    I spy with my little eye the world's smallest video MicroCam

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      Now you really can be a fly on the wall with the diminutive Swann MicroCam. In fact, once you've got the hang of this, the world's smallest wireless video MicroCam, the only thing likely to give you away will be the insatiable urge to hum the theme to Mission Impossible every time to you use it.

      It really is that impressive. What's more, it's guaranteed to consign your proud pals' bulky vidcams straight into the graveyard of gargantuan gadgetry. The teensy camera/transmitter is smaller than a matchbox but powerful enough to transmit colour video images to a receiver up to 100 metres away. And, although the MicroCam has countless practical applications - from nursery minder to store minder to serious surveillance tool - its potential for childish tomfoolery is truly infinite.

      Attaching the camera to your lapel or hat before a big night out allows you to capture every moment of drink-fuelled lunacy. And as for industrial espionage... well, you can just imagine the laughs one can have hiding it in the company bathroom. The MicroCam really does have a million uses, from fair to foul. The only limit is your imagination.

      Powered via battery (up to 12 hours viewing with 4xAA batteries) or mains, this is the ultimate in surveillance technology. What's more, it's totally plug and play so even the clumsiest of undercover agents will be able to operate it. Compatibility is no problem as MicroCam plugs into any video device: VCR, TV, security monitor, PC with capture card; you name it! All the cables are included and the CMOS colour lens ensures a crisp colour, full motion picture.

      When you're not busy filming mates in the toilet, MicroCam is perfect for home security and also makes a great in-store monitor - ideal for keeping your eye on tills, counters and sticky fingers.

      Just make sure you put your order in before your friends do because we expect these ingenious little gizmos to move faster than you can yell 'Guess who's wearing lime-green Y-fronts?'

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