Suzi - The Housewife Hologram
  • Suzi - The Housewife Hologram

Suzi - The Housewife Hologram

Handy Holographic Helper

Product not available at the moment.
  • This digital darling is always cheery and helpful
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence, just like in AI (without the crazy robot war… or Will Smith)
  • Portable and easy to install


She's like a virtual Siri, except she actually understands the human language, can reliably find what you’re looking for and sounds more like a lady from London than a pre-recorded robot.

Setup Suzi in your kitchen and she’ll remind you of important engagements, provide advice and even compliment you on your outfit. She’s a sweet-natured girl, with a heart of gold (microchips).

Featuring fully integrated Artificial Intelligence and full WIFI connectivity, Suzi will not only help you run your life, she’ll actually come to understand your every need.
Of course, being a hologram your relationship will always be digital.

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