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Sushi Stacker
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Sushi Stacker


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Sushi Stacker
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  • Not just Jenga with chopsticks – 9 different games in 1!
  • Comes with chopsticks and 48 sushi pieces in 8 variations
  • Each piece opens up so you can stuff them full of dares and forfeits
  • Easily the most fun way to hone your chopstick skills


Contrary to first impressions, Sushi Stacker is a hell of a lot more than 'Jenga with chopsticks' (although that is undeniably fun).

With over 48 sushi pieces to play with, the creators have come up with 9 different games for you to enjoy. Here's a flavour:

  • Turn the sushi pieces into Shogi (Japanese chess) pieces or dominoes
  • Build a tower with chopsticks, letting a die determine your next piece
  • Use the sushi as 'bullets' in a spicy variation of Russian roulette – with wasabi as opposed to death
Best of all, each sushi piece can be opened up so you can stuff them full of dares and forfeits!

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  • "This was a gift for a newly engaged couple of Sushi lovers. They absolutely loved it. My only criticism: could be more variations of faces."
    Lex - 22nd of January, 2018