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Survival Bracelets
  • Survival Bracelets

Survival Bracelets

Be prepared!

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    Survival in the jungle

    They drew first blood, not me...

    It’s midnight. The tent is flapping in the wind like the Marie Celeste’s toilet door. Your pooch has slipped his lead and is about to start tearing clumps off Flossie the sheep in the next field. The boot of the car won’t shut. And your laces have snapped. Help!

    Help is at hand – quite literally too. For these ingenious bracelets, no outdoor job is too complex. They cunningly disguise up to 18 feet of coiled, military-grade parachute cord that can be put to a thousand uses. Broken tent? Fixed. Dog gone loose? Tethered. Car boot broken? Closed it. You get the idea.


    Twist the pin on the 'D' shackle
    to open

    This is the same stuff that you see Ray Mears whipping up his camp with, attaching hammocks to redwoods and building bivouacs out of palm fronds is a cinch. It’s what the world’s tough guys use. And you’ll find it just as useful in the tough situations of everyday life too.

    Originally developed for use as suspension lines in parachutes, this cord is used by armies the world over – even getting an outing to space on the Shuttle and being used while astronauts fixed the Hubble Space Telescope. We suspect that the multi-billion pound astronomical instrument isn’t exactly held together with paracord, but it certainly helped out.

    Pull apart the bracelet Fix your tent... or swing from a tree!

    Pull apart the bracelet

    Fix your tent...

    or swing from a tree!

    red and black version

    New: Black and Red version available

    It’s been cleverly braided into a wearable wristband that’s as ruggedly attractive as it is useful, like Rambo himself. Just a simple pull on one end sends the cord unravelling, ready to be used in an array of non-combat situations. Whether you’re securing luggage to roof racks, making a high jump for school sports day or playing with a tabby cat, it’s the tough guy’s way to keep your paracord at hand. Right by your hand, in fact.

    The Survival Bracelets available

    Black and Camo/Orange Survival Bracelets available

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