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    Don't get caught out on public WiFi

    It seems like we spend most of our lives on the Internets; logging on and connecting from numerous locations, computers and networks. However, in this era of leaky Wikis, naughty phishing and imminent ‘fraping’ – you’re always one crafty click away from danger!

    This is where the portable SurfEasy USB device comes to the rescue, giving you a personalised browsing experience anywhere you go.

    Utilising the same fast and super-secure SSL encryption as most major banks, the SurfEasy keeps your status updates your own and your banking private, so no one will ever know your secrets. Like a USB-sized information-protecting war hero, the SurfEasy will leave no data behind.

    Packed with great features:
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    Perfect for private browsing
    and secure internet banking

    Because let’s face it, we all like to browse in private. It’s the nature of man. Sure, when caught, we can claim that our surfing is work related, or that we’re conducting important, potentially lifesaving research. But let’s be honest, most of the time it’s for *cough*banking.

    Since the day the Internet was born, people all over the World Wide Web have been using it for banking. Whether you desperately need to bank at work, enjoy a quick bit of public banking at the train station or a more relaxed, private banking session at home, sometimes you just need to log-on and log-off securely.


    Credit card size is very handy

    With the SurfEasy you’ll never have to memorise your passwords and bookmarks ever again. Simply plug in to a spare USB port on any computer with Internet access and the proprietary software will open up a completely secure browser with all of your preferences and history ready to go. Once you’re done, simply unplug the SurfEasy and walk away. The computer won’t self-destruct Mission Impossible style, but you’ll rest easy knowing your online info is out of harm’s way.

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