Supreme Push Up Swivel Grips
  • Supreme Push Up Swivel Grips

Supreme Push Up Swivel Grips

Give your wrists a rest

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    The base rotates to relieve pressure from your wrists during exercise

    Whether you have a body like a half-filled sausage or more definition than a digital IMAX, push ups are one of the best exercises you can do. Your own body weight provides all the resistance you could need – no dumbbells, elastic straps or weird back support required. But for most people, especially those just starting out, that’s a lot of pressure to put on your wrists.

    So to save them any undue strain we’ve found Supreme Push Up Swivel Grips. With their rotating base, these comfortable grips will naturally swivel as you push yourself off the ground; taking the pressure off your wrists and using your muscles more effectively. In fact, using the Swivel Grips, you’ll actually work out more muscles than in a typical push up. It’s a great way to boost your upper body workout and pretend you’re climbing up a glass building when no one’s looking.

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